Killing Blood - Robert D. McKee

FINALIST:   Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award– Best Western Novel

What sort of men rob a train, and after they have their loot and can make a clean get-away, start shooting everyone on board? Billy Young doesn’t know the answer to that question. But one of the passengers they kill is his brother, and Billy intends to do whatever it takes to find out. Once he does, he’ll exact his vengeance. He’ll do it with pleasure. And he’ll exact it in blood.

Wyoming is now a state and the legislature down in Cheyenne is making plenty of brand new laws. But not much has changed out on the range. The big outfits still make the rules, and if the little operators and the lawyers and the politicians don’t like it—well, there are ways to convince them otherwise. That is a lesson they plan to teach everyone who needs to learn it. They try to teach it to nineteen-year-old Billy Young, but Billy is stubborn. And a slow learner. There’s only one rule Billy cares about—the most basic rule of all: Blood for Blood


What others say about Killing Blood:

—Roundup Magazine:

“An exciting Western with lots of action, fine characters, a touch of romance, and even some philosophizing. “


—John D. Nesbitt, author of Dark Prairie and Death in Cantera:

“Bob McKee is an accomplished, award-winning author of mystery and western fiction. In Killing Blood, the reader finds action, suspense, and a strong element of mystery. Set in Wyoming of the late 1800’s, the story has an evocative sense of time and place with original characters, entertaining dialogue, and a clear, direct writing style. Killing Blood is a straight-shootin’ kind of story. “

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