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FINALIST: Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best Western Novel

When Micah McConners returns home to Probity, Wyoming, to practice law, he discovers things have changed since he’s been away. There’s a new prosecutor in town who has a real dislike for Micah’s boyhood friend, Dr. Chester Hedstrom. In an effort to help a patient, Chester has intentionally violated the law, and this prosecutor is eager to see that Chester goes to prison. The year is 1900, and the 20th century is fast approaching. Out of the Darkness is a sweeping story of violence and the nature of justice---a doctor's responsibility to his patient, and a lawyer's responsibility to his client. It is a story of forbidden love, and of a terrified young woman’s finding her courage.
             Ultimately it is a story of the 20th century from an early and innocent perspective.

This author has created a story and a cast of believable, likeable (or unlikeable) characters that keep the reader involved until the last page.

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